GEOMETRISI privately owns fully equipped investigation rigs (Core barrels, cutting bits, rods, drill pipes, samplers, specialsamplers, pumps, SPT samplers, casings, etc) for soil and rock sampling both on land and offshore.

After drilling, selected samples of soil and/or rock are carried to our privately owned laboratory for testing.

Factual and interpretation reports are prepared followed by foundation design report where geotechnical design parameters are calculated, foundation analysis is performed and a foundation proposal is given.

GEOMETRISI has also a specially made small-dimension drilling rig on wheels suitable for carrying out special geotechnical surveys in areas of limited extensions (small areas of a building, basements, etc). The drilling rig is transported on a truck to the wider area of the project and after unloading has the possibility of autonomous movement – placement on the predetermined location.

The execution offshore geotechnical investigations is carried out using the floating drilling rig with the name “APOSTOLOS I”.
The floating drilling rig “APOSTOLOS I” provides ability of drilling in shallow, medium and deep water sea levels. More specifically with the use of four (special made) tubular steel members driven down to the seabed, a jacked up rig is formed able for performing Geotechnical investigations in depths between 2m to 15m (sea level to seabed). These tubular steel members can elevate when the rig relocates from one location to another.
The floating drilling rig named “APOSTOLOS I” has an exclusive confirmation as GREEK FLOATING DRILLING RIG from the Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs (01/2021).

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